360 degree feedback assessments design and delivery

360 degree feedback is a (typically on-line) process for gathering information about an individual’s skills, abilities and attitudes from a variety of sources to help plan development and improve performance. This process involves getting feedback from people with whom the individual (the participant) works closely; typically, this will be the participant’s manager(s), a selection of peers (colleagues at a similar organisational level) and direct reports (those the participant manages or supervises). These individuals completing the feedback on the participant are called respondents. This process is designed as a way of helping participants look at their behaviour and performance as others see them.

In general, such feedback creates:

    • conversations about how individuals are seen by colleagues
    • increased self-awareness and understanding about impacts of behaviour
    • increased clarity about performance strengths and development needs
    • an environment where people are more connected to each other and thinking about each others’ qualities
    • the embedding of a performance culture

As an internal Consultant at the BBC I was in charge of their 360 degree feedback process (used as part of their Leadership development Programme). I have also designed competency based questionnaires at a variety of levels.