Course content

The Psychological Manager Programme is designed to give delegates a light and engaging overview of relevant psychological theory, knowledge of the tools and techniques of excellent people management – and lots of practice! The structure of the course enables delegates to practice and fine-tune their new-found goal-setting, feedback and coaching skills, reflect on that practice and then learn from each other’s experiences. The Programme covers the following topics and skills:

  • Building You; the why, the what and the how of developing your management skills
  • Understanding how individuals differ; intelligence, personality, beliefs and attitudes and motivation – and what you can do with this understanding to optimise performance in your team
  • Building skill and engagement in your team through excellence in goal setting, giving constructive feedback and motivating your people
  • Using coaching as part of your management repertoire – why, how and when
  • Building your team; team development, group psychology and how to create that elusive high-performing team
  • Facilitating your team; facilitation techniques, overcoming thinking biases, problem solving and decision-making