Management development programmes

If you are looking to develop the management skills of a specific cohort over a specific period of time – say 6 or 9 months, then a bespoke structured Management Development Programme may be the best option. I have designed and delivered many of these management “journeys” for a range of organisations and at many different levels. Typical solutions may include;

  • the design of management competency frameworks
  • bespoke 360 degree feedback tools to kick-start the self awareness process
  • psychometric questionnaires such as the MBTI and strengths – or motivation-based instruments
  • a series of taught and experiential modules with practical follow-ups and related background reading
  • actor-led forum theatre to really embed those interpersonal, conversational and personal impact skills
  • embedding of management techniques and the learning acquired through action learning sets
  • stretch assignments or project work running alongside the Programme itself

Whilst it is true that many Management Development Programmes share similar content and qualities, there is no “one size fits all” as any such programme needs to reflect the culture and organisational needs of the individual business concerned. As such, working with you to produce a tailored Programme that really meets your organisation’s needs is always going to be the best option. The Psychological Manager approach focuses not only on the skills needed to be a successful, business AND people-focused manager, but also on attitudes, behaviours and an understanding of how the brain works to aid emotional resilience, empathic understanding of others and decision making.