Leading change

Duration: 1 day

Maximum number of delegates: 12

Who is this course for?

This workshop would benefit those managers who are having to deal with the consequences of change in their teams and want to understand what psychological processes are the inevitable result – and what they can do about the subsequent behaviours that may manifest. It would also benefit those managers who are either in charge of a change process or want to restructure their team.

Course content

  • the brain neurology of change and the change curve
  • typical reactions to change
  • the transitions model of William Bridges
  • Kotter’s 8-stage model of implementing change
  • Dealing with resistance

Benefits of attending

Delegates will leave this day with an awareness of how their teams (and themselves, for that matter) typically react to change and what can be done to deal with it as constructively as possible. They will leave with a variety of strategies for implementing change and dealing with the inevitable resistance that tends to occur. Most change projects fail because the people side of change is ignored; this workshop addresses precisely those issues.

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