Close to the Edit

I have just finished writing that difficult second book. Not quite as difficult as making that difficult second album (I split with myself due to musical differences shortly afterwards) and actually a mostly enjoyable process. It’s about using a self-directed career coaching approach to getting that dream job and is part of a Business Skills series.

What was harder this time though is that I was writing for a Publisher instead of for myself. Which meant, of course, that they had a pretty good idea of what they wanted. Which meant, of course, that it didn’t always correspond with what I wanted to say – or more accurately, perhaps, with how I tend to say it.

I have to say that my Editor was great (thank you, Ben) and the book is far, far better than before he got hold of it. It now has full stops, sections and clearer explanations instead of a Dickensian ramble which does eventually get to the point if you decide to live long enough to get to the end of the sentence. That sentence would never have got through. . .

It is really, really hard, however, when you have burned the midnight oil over a hot computer (you see, that’s why I need an Editor) to hear that it would be better if you changed it a bit. Or a lot. Don’t get me wrong; I know the rules of receiving feedback constructively. I teach it. I believe it. As long as it is someone else on the receiving end.

My eventual readers will thank the fact that I did (mostly) listen to the feedback. And they should definitely thank Ben.